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MediaQuest Sign Company, LLC opened for business in January, 2011. Since then, we have become a purposeful company focused on making the sign experience easy and enjoyable, honest and fair and — most importantly — responsive to our clients’ needs. We are committed to making your sign journey a pleasant and well-communicated experience.

At MediaQuest Signs, we understand that your sign is your brand, and your brand is your business. An integral part of your overall marketing strategy, your sign’s message and medium is often the gateway between your client and your business. With over a century of combined experience in the sign industry, our team is equipped with the skills, knowledge and initiative to succeed. We take pride in consistently delivering a quality product with excellent customer service.

What We Offer


Good design adds value to your business in terms of customer loyalty and market share, giving you the competitive advantage you need to stand apart from the crowd. Your sign, a critical strategic asset, is often overlooked in early brand development. We can transform your existing identity, create your new identity, or simply offer a value-minded solution to help attract customers to your business.

Our designers are professionally trained in the foundations of design: composition, color theory and typography. We carry these principals throughout our design process, giving full consideration to space, environment and budget. We design solutions.


Our shop is equipped with the tools necessary to produce all types of signs in-house: CNC sheer, folder and router; Accu-Bend machines; vinyl plotter; paint booth. Our fabricators are highly skilled craftsmen, innovators and problem-solvers who have learned from experience. We build what we design with quality, installation and service in mind.


Installation begins with signage permit procurement. Our project management team organizes landlord and/or city government approval, participating in variance hearings as required to obtain your sign permit. We factor in traffic-flow, safety, equal treatment with neighboring businesses, tax-base and local covenants.

When it’s time to install your sign, safety is priority one. Each sign is engineered to withstand wind load based on sign height, area and wind pressure. From wall signs to monument signs, pylon signs to billboard structures, no job is too big or too small.


Your sign is an investment that deserves quality maintenance. We offer services for repair or replacement of lamps, bulbs, LEDs, neon, ballasts, transformers, power supplies and electronic message centers. We also offer cleaning, painting and refurbishing or refacing of existing signs.


Tired of using a pole to change the message on your sign? Do your letters keep blowing away? We’ll guide you in choosing the right solution for your video, messaging or scoring needs with an electronic message center featuring energy-efficient LEDs.


Need a sign by tomorrow? We can produce a hangable banner with standard vinyl graphics in about one day. Need decals for your car, motorcycle or boat? How about a full vehicle wrap? Let us be the source for all your vinyl needs.


Awnings provide protection from the elements as well as security by illuminating your business entrance. They can be designed to complement your building architecture, or act as a canvas for advertising your company brand. We can design and cover a custom frame, simple or complex — or — recover your existing frame.

Our Signs


If you dig old-school kustom kulture pinstriping, here’s a DIY tutorial to help you create your own using the awesome new stroke profiles in Adobe Illustrator CS5. Take it one step further by having MediaQuest Signs produce your design in precision-cut 3M vinyl decals. 
Step One: 
MediaQuest Signs Kustom Kulture Pinstripe Tutorial: Step 1

Pinstripes generally consist of multiple line segments that are symmetrical. Start by using the pen tool to create a vertical line. This will serve as your line of symmetry. Give it a 1 pt stroke weight and a 3 pt dash. Or, if you have a touch of the lazy, just drag a vertical guide.

Step Two: 
MediaQuest Signs Kustom Kulture Pinstripe Tutorial: Step 2

Focus on creating only one half of your design. Once complete, you will copy/paste/reflect to make the symmetrical second half. Using the pen tool, experiment with your first line segment. Start dropping points, click and drag for curves. Keep it simple using a 1 pt stroke in the color of your choice.

Step Three: 
MediaQuest Signs Kustom Kulture Pinstripe Tutorial: Step 3

Create a new segment using a different color stroke.

Step Four: 
MediaQuest Signs Kustom Kulture Pinstripe Tutorial: Step 4

Keep adding segments until you’re satisfied with the result.

Step Five: 
MediaQuest Signs Kustom Kulture Pinstripe Tutorial: Step 5

Select all of your segments, copy, paste and reflect 90 degrees on a vertical axis using your line of symmetry as the point of reflection. Delete your line of symmetry and you have a pinstripe — awesome!

Step Six: 
MediaQuest Signs Kustom Kulture Pinstripe Tutorial: Step 6

In order to maintain your symmetry, group each pair of opposing segments so that any changes you make are reflected on both sides. Then start experimenting with stroke weight to beef up your pinstripes.

Step Seven: 
MediaQuest Signs Kustom Kulture Pinstripe Tutorial: Step 7

Now the cool part . In the stroke pallet is a drop-down menu for “Profile”. Select a segment pair and choose different profiles until you achieve your desired effect. You may also choose to reverse the effect by toggling “Flip Along” next to the “Profile” drop-down, as well as adjust your segment caps and corners by toggling through the various settings in the stroke pallet. Make something cool!

Finished Kustom Kulture Pinstripe: 
MediaQuest Signs Kustom Kulture Pinstripe Tutorial: Finished

Once you’re satisfied with your creation, select your pinstripe and go to the top menu drop-down under “Object” -> “Path” -> “Outline Stroke”. Save your design in (ai) format under version Illustrator 8, and it’s ready for the vinyl plotter. Call 319.848.7446 for a quote!

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